Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lipstick review: Lime Crime Velvetine

This is the first post in a new series I am calling 'the battle of the reds' so if you, like me, have a small obsession with finding the (legendary) perfect red, read on soul sister...

***shade red velvet

First impressions...
Lime Crime and I didn't get off to the greatest of starts if I'm honest, Doe Deere really got on my tits. I'm no unicorn Doe, I'm a badass she-warrior. So yeah, Miss twinkle-sparkle-fairy-dust really put me off. That being said, when I heard about the Velvetine, I was so intrigued I had to try it - I mean an opaque lip-stain?!- that really is genius.
The packaging is a little cutesy for my liking (though I did appreciate all the purple tissue paper Doe, cheers).

So what is it?
Technically not a lipstick, but instead a lip stain masquerading as a lip gloss (confusing I know). It's also vegan friendly - props.

Sounds like nothing I've heard of before, is it any good T?
(I hear you say). Firstly, I LOVE (!!!!!) the colour. I know we all have different ideas on the perfect red, but for me, this is pretty much spot on (blue-based, blood deep and m m m-matte). The second good thang is this sucker's staying power, I mean, I went to sleep in the damn stuff and it didn't budge (and showered with it the next day). When they say stain, they mean stain (though it does come off quite easy with a good cleanser). The colour doesn't bleed and the wand makes it easy to get a pretty clean line without the need for pencil, spot on.

Bad bits
Don't be fooled by how thin the formula feels when it comes out of the tube, this stuff dries heavy on your lips and quick, it's almost a little sticky atop the old chaps.

So, as far as the perfect red goes, this ain't quite it in my opinion, but if you can put up with lips that feel a bit like you've just made out with a used mint on a hot day* (and I sure can) it's pr-retty close. 

Have you tried the velvetine or any other Lime Crime before? Let me know...

*gross I know, sorry.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ain't nothing controversial about The Next Day

So, David Bowie's new video has caused quite the stir hasn't it?! Personally, I've been too distracted by the off-the-chain makeup looks to worry about the scandalous priest consorting with the scantily-clad woman.

Stuff I love....
Lazy smokey eyes
Glowy skin
Plasticy (yep that's a word) skin
The red lipstick used (I'm a sucka for a matte)

This is my bread and butter, everyone has artistic makeup styles they are drawn to, pinup, fantasy, drag-inspired, but to me, anything sort of subtle/etherial/sightly careless wins. I love these looks, love.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Illamasqua: paranormal

My favourite new bit of art from Alex box...
Burnt orange and pinky-reds, yeeees.

As for the collection, the palette looks nice but I'm not blown away, not your best Illamasqua.