Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My three favourite brushes

*Disclaimer* this post is mostly about brushes, aaand a little bit about a sponge and some magic H2O too.

This is a picture of my dresser (well, the ledge above my fireplace) though I have tonnes of brushes, these three are the only ones I really use on myself. Introducing my favourite brushes, the MAC 116, 217 and 210.

The perfect powder brush

Foundation, bronzer, blush, this brush handles them all like a trooper. Personally, I cannot stand massive powder brushes, they're sloppy and you simply don't need that much powder everywhere on your face all at once, it's aging and dated. This brush sweeps perfectly across the tzone, is round enough to help you pick out your apples and narrow enough to cut a contour. Plus its fluffyiness makes blending much less of a chore, winner winner.  

The easy blender

The 217 really needs no introduction. An already infamous brush in the so-called blogosphere, and rightly so. Years ago I remember watching my first Pixiwoo video where I saw a 217 used for concealer, maddness. I went and bought one the very next day. This brush is also blinkin' good at its original function too, a stellar eye brush. 

The precision guy 

Lip brush, eye liner, point cover-up,...need I say more?**

** The MAC 263 is also good alternative, I know some people struggle with a pointy brush for eyeliner, but it's all about personal preference. Also, my bush-man eyebrows mean I have less use for an angled brush.

The beauty blender 
My pink sponge replaced a LOT of my brushes a year and a half ago and I've never looked back. I just lost my sense of humour with stray brush hairs, and nothing blends like this baby, trust me. I use it for my foundation, cream blusher, brzoner, highlighter etc. It will change your makeup bag, trust.


I use this on my face everyday, and given the choice I'd probably wash in it. 'Nuff said.

Throw in a pair of tweezers and I present to you the perfect capsual makeup tool kit.

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  1. ah I really want to get the 217 and bioderma, this made them even more tempting :')